Saturday, July 12, 2014

Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop Lip Color Stick in Pop-Arazzi

I got my new Kiss Pop in the mail Thursday morning but didn't have time to post until today so, first things first, I love the packaging! Seriously, all the exclamation points for this. The packaging is super sleek, creative, and not too bulky. I am in love!

Seriously, LOOK!

I am drooling...

A little taller and fatter than most standard lipsticks but very lightweight.

 Size is listed as .15 oz so about the same or more than most lipsticks. The Marc Jacobs Lip Gels are listed at .12 oz for comparisons sake. As you can see it is a twist up, so no sharpening necessary.

Pop-Arazzi is described as electric rose. I would say it is definitely a neon-ish bright pink. I'm bad with undertones but I would say this one is more neutral, if only slightly blue-based.

Unfortunately all the exclamation points for packaging do not extend to the formula, at least for this particular shade in the range. The description copied directly from the Sephora website is this:

What it is:
A dynamic lipstick that offers lightweight wear and staying power. 

What it does:
Give lips a burst of color—and hydration—when you swipe on this gel lip shade from Marc Jacobs. From nudes to brights, Kiss Pop offers the perfect color that lasts for hours. This high-performance lip gel features an oversized design, and is travel-friendly for convenient application. 

I only wore it for about three hours and during that time it lasted quite well. I did eat a bowl of cereal and drink a glass of water and had only minimal wear so I think the wear claims, while vague, certainly hold up. I only took it off because I got some cinnamon on my lips from the cereal and it was driving me crazy. I would suggest taking it off if you're going to eat a full meal though. Nobody needs a lipstick chin and brights are notorious for that.

Part of the reason for the staying power is the formula which seems to be more of a matte/semi-matte. The consequences of that are a lack of hydration. I'm not sure where the hydration claims came from and it's possible that other colors in the range are more hydrating. It acts like a typical matte so if you adjust your expectations you can act accordingly. I would suggest exfoliation and a bit of lip balm underneath, preferably a non-greasy one so as not to mess with the matte finish too much. This particular shade did apply a bit patchy, sank in to lip lines a bit, and showed off some of the dry skin on my lips. I know that sounds terrible but it wasn't that bad unless I was staring with my face up super close to the mirror. I'm definitely in need of a good exfoliation.

Ultimately this product is a decent one. I love the packaging but the formula, while long-wearing, needs some work to live up to its hydrating claims. Hopefully I can get down to Sephora soon to test the rest of the shades. I hope some of the less bright shades will do better so I'll hold off on total product damnation. I'm going to say it is a try before buy kind of product. Whether or not it's worth it is up to you.

Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop Lip Color Sticks are $28 at and They are sold out now online at Sephora but I'm assuming they will be available again soon and they are listed as being availabe in stores.

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